The products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility under strict quality control. We use advanced machinery to produce flawless products. Our sales and dispatch team offer reliable services with accurate tracking of the requirements and shipments of our clients. With this passion of perfection we bring to our clients pp twine/ Sutli at a very reasonable price.
These synthetic strings are nowadays a great in-demand product for various commercial and domestic usages.

Tandhanrope Features

Our tarpaulins have a number of fantastic features. The key features are as follows...
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  • Light-weight

    Light weight

  • Waterproof

    100% Waterproof

  • ColorOption

    Color Option

  • UV-stabilized

    UV stabilized

  • Easy-Handling

    Easy Portable

  • DustProof

    Dust Proof

One stop solution for all your needs...

Various usages of our Super Tarpaulins, Ecopaulin and Ecoraksha