Premium quality Cross Laminated Multilayer Tarpaulin.
Solution for all your Tarp issues!

Ecopaulin is a multi-layered cross laminated tarpaulin. This special kind of tarpaulin sheet is widely acclaimed and known for its toughness and superb agility. Ecopaulin is made by the world class modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Along with this Ecopaulin is a completely eco-friendly product too as it is 100% recyclable.


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  • Light-weight

    Light Weight

  • Waterproof

    Cross Laminated

  • Swiss-Technology

    Modern Technology

  • UV-stabilized

    UV Stabilized

  • Easy-Handling

    Easy Handling

  • Recyclable

    100% Recyclable

One stop solution for all your needs...

Various usages of our Super Tarpaulins, Ecopaulin and Ecoraksha