Advance Super Cross Laminated Multilayer Tarpaulin. The strongest tarpaulin in industry!
Ecopaulin Star is an advanced super Cross-laminated multilayered tarpaulin. This special kind of tarpaulin is high in strength and durability in comparison to cross-laminated multilayered tarpaulin with a special patterned design in criss-cross style, making it the strongest tarpaulin in industry. Ecopaulin Star can be used for farming, construction, transportation, agriculture, aquaculture, fumigation sheet, dunnage sheet and many more.


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  • Light-weight

    Light Weight

  • UV-stabilized

    UV Stabilized

  • Cross Laminated

    Cross Laminated

  • Flexible Yet Tough

    Flexible Yet Tough

  • ISI Certified

    ISI Certified

  • Unique Design

    Unique Design

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Various usages of our Super Tarpaulins, Ecopaulin Star and Ecoraksha