Be monsoon ready with our Tarpaulins

“Rain rain go away..come again another day” no, you don’t need to request rain to spare you anymore even in the monsoon. That is because now you have got the power of water proof tarpaulins from Tandhan Polyplast. These tarpaulins are specially designed and engineered to resist water completely. With these amazing tarpaulins from Tandhan Polyplast you can cover and protect your roof, car, Truck and even a railway wagon too from the sudden and continuous monsoon rains. You can protect your valuable possessions with the tarpaulins like Ecopaulin and Ecoraksha from getting wet in the monsoon rains. You can even save the whole playground and stadium with these amazing tarpaulins right from light drizzles or even when it rains cats and dogs. So, this monsoon be monsoon ready only with Tandhan Polyplast tarpaulins.