The TANDHAN Flexitank stands as a pinnacle in liquid packaging – a single-trip, multilayer, environmentally friendly, disposable, and recyclable system. Meticulously crafted with the finest raw materials, it embodies reliability, flexibility, and excellence. TANDHAN Flexitank stands out in diverse industries, providing a packaging strategy that harmoniously integrates versatility and reliability. It is specifically designed to reduce costs while maintaining high standards of safety and quality for the reliable storage and transportation of non-hazardous liquid materials in bulk quantities.

Types of Flexitanks:
  • Bottom Load Bottom Discharge (BLBD): A valve is integrated on the bottom surface of the flexitank to facilitate filling and discharge.
  • Top Load Top Discharge (TLTD): A valve is integrated on the top surface of the flexitank to facilitate filling and discharge. This type of Flexitank is recommended to use for the low-density liquid Cargo.
  • Top Load Top Discharge (TLBD): This flexitank design includes a top valve for filling and a bottom valve for discharging. It is ideal for high-density or high-viscosity cargo, or in situations where bottom valve filling is not feasible.
  • Flexitank with Air Venting System: A pressure relief valve integrated on the top surface of the flexitank ensures the safe release of excess internal pressure, preventing over-pressurization and potential damage to the flexitank.
  • Flexitank with Barrier Film: Featuring a specialized barrier film, this flexitank offers superior protection against contamination and oxidation, ensuring the integrity and quality of the liquid cargo throughout transportation.
  • Flexitank with Heating System: Equipped with a heater pad, that uses steam or hot water to liquefy cargo with a higher melting point, ensuring smooth and efficient discharge.
  • Flexitank with PE Bin: The PE bin, made from polyethylene, encapsulates the flexitank within a container. This additional safety feature reduces the risk of liquid loss and provides enhanced protection for the cargo.


Superior Flexibility:
  • Accommodates a broad array of non-hazardous liquid products from sectors like oil & gas, chemicals, agriculture, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals.
  • Available in capacities ranging from 16,000 litres to 26,000 litres with options for two valves or a single valve, and an automatic pressure release system to optimize space usage in a 20ft dry container.
  • Delivering unmatched efficiency in every drop, ensuring optimal performance and minimal waste for your liquid cargo.
  • Facilitates easy and time-saving loading and unloading, making it an efficient choice for liquid transportation.
Elevating secure and dependable Liquid Packaging Solutions:
  • Engineered for Excellence in Reliability, Safety, Durability, Cost-Effectiveness.
  • Enhancing Efficiency for a Seamless and Reliable Supply Chain.
  • Delivering unmatched efficiency in every drop, ensuring optimal performance and minimal waste for your liquid cargo.
  • Prioritising safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction to provide confidence with peace of mind with its superior performance.
Eco-friendly Design:
  • Incorporates environmentally conscious materials for sustainable packaging, aligning with global environmental goals.
Customizable Solutions:
  • Tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of your liquid packaging needs, providing an efficient solution.
  • With our state-of-the-art infrastructure and network, we ease your operation.

Unrivalled Protection: 
Safeguard your products from contamination throughout the entire supply chain.

 Optimize your packaging process without compromising on quality, ensuring a cost-effective solution.

Sustainability at the Core: 
Stay ahead with a solution meticulously designed for the future, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our solutions are designed with sustainability in mind, employing the latest technologies to minimize waste, reduce emissions, and conserve resources. By choosing TANDHAN, you're not only gaining a reliable partner but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. 

 Partnership Opportunities: 
 At TANDHAN, we believe in the power of collaboration and are always looking to forge new partnerships. Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or logistics provider, we welcome you to explore the possibilities of working together. Discover the future of liquid packaging with TANDHAN Flexitank - where technology, sustainability, and efficiency converge. Let's combine our expertise and strengths to create synergistic solutions that drive growth and propel industries forward! 

 We are aware of and also appreciate each other’s goals. Join us in embracing the optimal solutions with TANDHAN products.

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