Help your plants flourish with Tandhan’s Green shade nets

Tandhan makes its products with the best choice of raw materials and advanced technology. It has focused primarily on providing the utmost satisfaction to its customers.

The Tandhan’s green shade net produced by Tandhan is manufactured with 100% virgin HDPE material and is useful in agricultural products. Advanced technology is being used along with state-of-the-art equipment in the making of these tarpaulins. The green shade net produced here is dustproof, light in weight to make it handy, and at a reasonable price.

Tandhan green shade nets are used for the protection of agricultural goods from natural tragedies such as intense sunlight, heavy rainfall, strong winds, and others.

Along with protection, it also supports them in raising greenhouses for fruits and vegetables and helps in dehydrating various agro products. In the process of joining young trees, Tandhan Green shade nets make them live longer throughout the year, be it from the burning summer days or the snowy winter days.

Tandhan’s Green shade nets are manufactured and then tested well on all the parameters of quality. Thandan’s talpatri is manufactured as per the client's requirement. It makes customised tripal of different varieties, colours, and other specifications under the supervision of our expert team.

These green shades are especially utilised in green houses to provide shade. It helps greenhouses provide even sunlight through the year and protection from rain, heat, cold, and wind for the off-season crops to grow perfectly.

Tandhan Polyplast Limited is a leading manufacturer of premium quality tarpaulins in Kolkata. With ongoing years of experience in the field of manufacturing tarpaulins, it takes care of the needs and specifications in the best way possible. Securing a leading position in the market by providing the best products along with world-class services year-round. For any green shade net requirements, contact Tandhan Polyplast for the best solutions.