Cross Laminated Tarpaulin

Tandhan Tarpaulins are the Best Multilayer Cross-laminated Tarpaulin Manufacturers in India

Ecopaulin Tarpaulin

Various tarpaulin merchants in Kolkata offer a diverse range of tarpaulins. Many of them sell low-cost tarpaulins, while others sell a broad array of pricing and kinds. However, when Tandhan Polyplast Private Limited entered the industry, a new era in the tarpaulin industry commenced. Soon after entering the Tarpaulin industry, Tandhan Polyplast became the best multilayer cross-laminated tarpaulin manufacturers in India.

Ecopaulin and Ecoraksha, their flagship super tarps, were among the items they brought. Ecopaulin is a cross-laminated tarpaulin with multiple layers. Ecoraksha tarps are premium quality multi-layered tarpaulins created using world-class technology and state-of-the-art equipment whereas, this specific type of tarpaulin sheet is widely acclaimed and known for its toughness and exceptional agility at the same time. They are both strong, long-lasting, sturdy, and adaptable. Their edges are well-sealed with strategically placed eyelets.

Unique Characteristics of Tandhan Tarpaulins

These unique tarps are incredibly light, making them easy to travel anywhere. Along with all of these amazing characteristics, Tandhan Polyplast's two flagship tarpaulins offer one additional feature that sets them distinct from other tarps on the market. Both Ecopaulin and Ecoraksha are 100 % Virgin, making them durable tarps. Tandhan Polyplast created these signature tarps in an environmentally sustainable manner, keeping their responsibility to Mother Nature in mind.

Due to all these positive points and reasons, tarpaulin dealers in India are especially interested to deal with the tarpaulins produced by Tandhan Polyplast Private Limited only, the multilayer cross-laminated tarpaulin manufacturers in India. The dealers say the products from Tandhan Polyplast have high quality but, comparatively, with a low price tag that attracts customers and consumers in huge numbers. Be it the versatility of Tandhan tarp products or the color options they provide, Ecopaulin and Ecoraksha are the market leaders in each aspect. The reason why the multilayer cross-laminated tarpaulin manufacturers in India always recommend Ecopaulin and Ecoraksha from Tandhan Polyplast Private Limited.

Tandhan Polyplast manufactures the Best Quality Cross-laminated Multi-layer tarpaulin in India.