Cross Laminated Tarpaulin

The leading Tarpaulin Manufacturer in Eastern India

Ecopaulin Tarpaulin

Tarpaulins have become one of the most indispensable things nowadays. It helps to protect the goods and all the valuable possessions from all the adverse situations and extreme weather conditions. Hence, the tarpaulin manufacturers have dedicated themselves to improve the quality of their products all the time. Not only that, they have also been pushing themselves hard to meet the demand and the requirements for the tarpaulins ever since. Tandhan Polyplast Limited is the leading tarpaulin manufacturer in the market right now, and that is not only in Kolkata but in the whole eastern region of the country.

Tandhan Polyplast Limited manufactures two of their great flagship tarpaulins, Ecopaulin and Ecoraksha. Ecopaulin is a Cross laminated Multi layer tarpaulin and Ecoraksha is mono-layered tarpaulin. These flagship tarpaulins from Tandhan Polyplast Limited are different and unique from the other tarpaulins in many ways. Both of these tarpaulins are very strong, tough yet agile and flexible. They are also very light in weight, which makes them easily transportable anywhere. Not only these, both of these tarpaulins have got their edges seamlessly sealed instead of poorly stapled or stitched, unlike any other ordinary tarpaulins. Along with this, keeping environmental aspect in their minds Tandhan Polyplast have manufactured these tarpaulins as 100% eco-friendly as these are 100% recyclable. Tandhan Polyplast has also come up with Ponchos that provide great protection from heavy rain and any kind of wet conditions too.

Tandhan Polyplast has got their factory situated in Kulgachia, Howrah in West Bengal, India. The factory is equipped with the most advanced equipment and the most advanced international technology too. They also have got the best skilled manpower available in the industry as well. Having all these aspects covered as the tarpaulin manufacturer Tandhan Polyplast Limited has become the leader in the industry in the whole eastern part of the country.