The Multi-utility Super tarp for you.. key to all your tarp concerns

Ecoraksha is a premium quality mono-layered tarpaulin. It is made off the world class Technology and state-of-the-art equipment. This latest international technology and advanced equipment gives Ecoraksha the strength that it requires to resist all the odds to protect your valuable possessions even in the extreme weather conditions. Ecoraksha is light in weight which makes it easy to transport, this is so very flexible and agile at the same time and yet tough. This special tarpaulin is 100% recyclable hence completely eco-friendly and Ecoraksha has got really strong joints and seals on all the edges of the sheet that makes it really strong and tough for any kind of wear and tear situations. Ecoraksha can be used as goods cover, fumigation sheet, plastic bags, plant sacks and many more.