Cross Laminated Tarpaulin

The Multilayer Tarpaulin Manufacturer Equipped with the Most Advanced Apparatus

There are numerous tarpaulin manufacturers in Kolkata, but Tandhan Polyplast Limited is always at the top of the list when it comes to the best. They are Kolkata's best tarpaulin maker. They have earned their current market leadership position with their main tarp brands namely Ecopaulin, Ecoraksha, EcoGreen, Ecopack, EcoRun, Eco Covers, Ecopack and Tandhanrope. With the best quality and latest technology, they are producing new products that are fulfilling the needs of common. All the products are light in weight, making them easy to transport. Tandhan Polyplast Limited, the best multilayer tarpaulin manufacturer in Kolkata, uses the most advanced technology and similarly advanced equipment to produce such high-quality tarps. This dedication to quality has enabled them to become the premier tarpaulin producer not only in Kolkata but throughout India's eastern region.

Best Multilayer Tarpaulin Manufacturer

Among the many tarpaulin manufacturers in Kolkata, few provide 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly tarpaulins. Tandhan Polyplast Limited is a company that does exactly that. They are likely the only tarpaulin producer in Kolkata, if not all of eastern India, who produces these environmentally friendly, 100 percent recyclable tarps.

Tandhan Polyplast makes fantastic tarps with the best raw materials available on the market. The entire process is carried out by a team of trained and skilled personnel till the product branding is completed. The tarps are then taken to the last and most essential step, Quality Check. Another competent and experienced team of professionals, equipped with the most advanced equipment, completes this stage of the procedure. Ponchos and other tarp goods, on the other hand, are created with the same care and efficiency.