Well-equipped factory

Tandhan Polyplast Limited has got a huge factory in Kulgachhia, Howrah, West Bengal, close to the metropolitan city of Kolkata and which is well connected with nearby ports such as Khidderpore dock and Haldia dock. The factory is well equipped and powered by the most advanced equipment imported from different corners of the world and most advanced technologies as well. These advanced equipment and latest technologies have enabled the whole unit to produce the best quality products from the best quality raw materials used. As of now, 10 to 12 tons of finished products are being produced each day. This factory never sleeps, as it keeps on with the production process on 24X7 basis, this certainly denotes the demand for Tandhan Polyplast’s quality products in the market. Along with all the advanced equipment and latest technologies Tandhan Polyplast has got the best skilled manpower too. All the staffs workers and workhands are covered under various medical insurances and Tandhan Polyplast strongly supports and stands for ‘stop child labor’ drive.