Tarpaulin Manufacturer in Eastern India

Eastern India's leading Tarpaulin Manufacturer

Tandhan Polyplast's manufacturing factory is located at Kulgachia, Howrah, West Bengal, India.

The factory is outfitted with advanced machinery as well as cutting-edge foreign technologies. They are also one of the top skilled workers' industries today. Tandhan Polyplast Limited, as a tarpaulin producer, has become the industry leader in the eastern portion of the country, having covered all of these criteria.

What makes Tandhan Polyplast the best tarpaulin manufacturer in Eastern India?

Tandhan Polyplast Limited manufactures the best tarpaulins of its kind. They have earned their current market leadership position with their main tarp brands namely Ecopaulin, Ecoraksha, EcoGreen, Ecopack, EcoRun, Eco Covers, Ecopack and Tandhanrope. These flagship tarpaulins from Tandhan Polyplast Limited are different and unique from the other tarpaulins in many ways. All of these talpatri are very strong, tough yet agile, and flexible. They are also very light in weight, which makes them easily transportable anywhere. Not only these, but their edges are also seamlessly sealed instead of poorly stapled or stitched, unlike any other ordinary tarpaulins. Along with this, keeping the environmental aspect in their minds Tandhan Polyplast has manufactured these tarpaulins as 100% eco-friendly as these are 100% recyclable. Tandhan Polyplast has also come up with Ponchos that provide great protection from heavy rain and any kind of wet conditions too. They produced a varied range of products like roof covers, truck covers, good covers, tent sheds, groundsheets, ponchos, greenhouse sheds, etc.

With the proprietary state-of-the-art goods manufactured by the world-class manufacturing method, Tandhan is committed to delivering and supplying the highest quality output through very experienced and dedicated staff hence making the best tarpaulin manufacturer in Eastern India.